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Resilience lets you thrive where you are, reach for what you want, and become stronger by overcoming challenges you face. 

About Us

ResilientHR helps you build organizational resilience to successfully manage today's business challenges. The team is comfortable in safety boots, business suits and anything in between.  They have as much experience with welders and truck drivers as they do engineers and accountants.


ResilientHR helps organizations in unionized and non-unionized settings develop business strategies focused on people to navigate complex HR requirements and regulations, minimize risk and costs for compliance, conduct appropriate workplace investigations when necessary, develop and implement organizational change initiatives, coach leaders and employees to grow and sustain successful teams, and guide employees through their career lifecycle. 


ResilientHR partners with you to create a culture and strategies that provide employees the best career experience you can throughout their career lifecycle and inspire them to excel in their careers and in their roles.  ResilientHR helps businesses do the right thing the right way for their people, minimize risk and enhance their ability to succeed.





Resilience sees options when others see obstacles

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