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We provide strategic

assistance for

"all things HR"

tailored to your specific

business needs

Help For You

Work boots or business suits, ResilientHR works with and for you to build meaningful, aligned, compliant cultures and prevent costly cultural and compliance mistakes

  • Is your team cohesive or is there a "them/us" mentality?

  • Do you know how to minimize or eliminate complaints of harassment and discrimination?  Really?  Have you provided all required training?  Is your leadership team able to address issues compassionately, consistently, compliantly, and effectively before they escalate?  Do your employees trust your leaders enough to even approach them with concerns?

  • Are your employees and leadership adapting to and remaining productive in a new work schedule arrangement (hybrid, flex schedule, or full-time in-person?

  • Are your employees and leaders engaged in the business or simply going through the motions?

  • Is your HR team stretched thin?  Do you even have an HR team, or have you added that to another employee's overall duties?  Are they, or your team, inexperienced with certain situations and need experienced HR professionals to help coach them?  Do you need interim HR leadership?

  • Do you feel confident coaching your team through sticky "HR" situations?

  • Are you sure your organization is structured to achieve your business goals?  Are you ready to address a key upcoming staff opening?  Are you facing upsizing, downsizing, right-sizing?  Have you aligned your goals, processes, compensation, and job descriptions to drive your corporate culture?

  • Do your and your organization's communications encompass your goals and drive corporate or organization culture?

  • Are you working with a union or expecting employees to unionize?

Services that focus on prevention,

teaching, adaptation, correction.





Mergers & Acquisitions


Labor Relations


Strategic HR Needs




You want partners that understand your needs, goals, and budget.

ResilientHR learns about your organization’s unique needs. We develop strategies and solutions that align with those needs and your goals and cultural ideals. We put ourselves in your shoes.

Our flexible approach to partnering allows us to provide different approaches to fees based on the services and solutions you want and need and what we can successfully deliver:

  • Short-term, hourly-based assistance

  • Defined term, gig-based projects

  • Longer-term, retainer-based services

  • Referrals to network of professionals if ResilientHR is not the right fit for your need




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