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Strategic assistance

tailored to your needs

Help For You

Work boots or business suits, ResilientHR works with and for you to build meaningful, aligned, compliant cultures and prevent costly cultural and compliance mistakes

  • Have you had an employee complaint of harassment, discrimination or have you just received a complaint on your hotline? Does your leadership team know how to address the situation compliantly and effectively?

  • Are you worried about the #MeToo movement? (Here’s a hint – you should be!) Your organization should be #NotMe, not #MeToo.

  • Is your HR team stretched thin, are they inexperienced overall or simply inexperienced with certain HR situations?

  • Could your HR team use insights from someone who has been in their shoes?

  • Do you need an interim HR executive?

  • Have you heard rumblings from employees about unionization, have you had an increase in grievances or are union negotiations looming?

  • Is your business growing through M&A work, and are you sure what the different business cultures may mean and how to insure they do not create unanticipated costs?

  • Are you sure your organization is structured to best help you achieve your business goals?

  • Several key employees are nearing retirement, and one just left for a different company – are you ready to replace them without a drain on productivity?

  • Would you like to communicate more effectively with your team and just do not know where to start?

  • Are your benefits and compensation driving the behaviors that will lead to profitability and success?

  • Are you facing a reduction in force?

  • Are employees seemingly unhappy or disengaged no matter how many parties you throw or what you spend on benefits?

  • Is it time to develop your benefits and compensation strategy for next year or ensure your current broker is still the best fit for your needs?

Services that focus on prevention,

teaching, adaptation, correction.





Mergers & Acquisitions


Labor Relations


Strategic HR Needs




You want partners that understand your needs, goals...and budget.

ResilientHR learns about your organization’s unique needs. We develop strategies and solutions that align with those needs and your goals and cultural ideals. We put ourselves in your shoes.

Our flexible approach to partnering allows us to provide different approaches to fees based on what services and solutions you want and need and what we are able to successfully deliver:

  • Short-term, hourly-based assistance

  • Defined term, gig-based projects

  • Longer-term, retainer-based services

  • Referrals to network of professionals if ResilientHR is not the right fit for  your need




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