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Your Partners

Breadth and depth of experience

make the difference.


Adaptable, creative, enthusiastic,

experienced, honest.


Rob Carlton started his career in internal audit and rates and then two decades in senior executive positions including C-Suite roles as Vice President & Chief Administrative Officer and VP & Chief Compliance Officer for interstate pipelines. He led the human resources, benefits, compensation, training, facilities, staffing, corporate insurance, internal audit, legal, pipeline safety and compliance, OSHA safety, information technology and supply chain functions and has provided expert testimony for regulated entities. He has a rare breadth of experience that ensures organizational development and HR advice is firmly based in business.  He "speaks" C-Suite and HR.  He is a member of the Society of Human Resource Management, 


Gayle Hobbs has a corporate legal background specializing in labor and employment law and contract matters, serving as General Counsel & Corporate Secretary.  She also held executive leadership positions in human resources, benefits, compensation, training, facility services, staffing, labor, leadership and organizational development, leadership coaching, corporate communications, corporate insurance and strategic sourcing.  This depth of experience in “all things HR” while serving as in-house counsel, is a unique combination that ensures creative, people-focused solutions that keep employers in compliance. A skilled presenter, she understands the importance of engaging employee education. Gayle is a member of the Kentucky Bar Associations and Society of Human Resource Management and is admitted to practice law in Kentucky, though ResilientHR does not provide legal advice or services.

The partners do not come from a classic "HR" background, meaning they clearly understand both the business needs and perspectives as well as HR requirements, values, and goals.

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